How to Apply


The application period for

funded fellowships has closed.

If you missed it this time around, don't worry. We'll begin recruiting

for the next cohort of Tamamta fellows late in 2021.

Tamamta Mission

The Tamamta (a Sugpiaq and Yup’ik word meaning ‘all of us’) program elevates Indigenous knowledge systems to transform fisheries and marine sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This program provides funded fellowships to Indigenous and allied M.S. and Ph.D. students, who will become the next generation of scientists and managers trained to ethically bridge Western and Indigenous knowledge systems. Tamamta also welcomes students who do not need fellowship support, but who would like to join our team as scholars to help advance our goals. Tamamta engages Indigenous approaches to reach widely across the University and partner organizations toward larger system change in fisheries science and management.

Fellowship description

Tamamta provides a comprehensive and culturally appropriate mentoring approach for fisheries and marine sciences M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students. Applicants can be prospective students (who would apply to the University of Alaska Fairbanks after being notified if they are accepted for a Tamamta Fellowship) or current students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The mentorship team will work with students to reach their academic and research goals with their chosen advisor. Innovative new classes that center Indigenous knowledge systems will form the foundation for the Tamamta experience. Tamamta Fellowship students and participating faculty will be hosted in Indigenous communities and fish camps for cultural immersion retreats. Tamamta will also offer optional internship opportunities with a diverse range of tribal, federal, and state partners to benefit professional development.

Who should apply?

Tamamta centers Indigenous students at our core. We particularly encourage both new applicants interested in applying to graduate school and current Indigenous graduate students to apply to the Tamamta Fellowship program. We are seeking applicants to become Tamamta Fellows, with two options. The funded option is available for students without current funding, and includes full financial support for up to two years (details below) and the non-funded option is for interested graduate students who would like to join our program but who do not need fellowship funding. While we prioritize Indigenous students for the fellowships, we realize it truly takes “all of us,” so all students and leaders committed to this work are welcome to apply to join our program.


What does a funded Tamamta Fellowship include?

  • Fellowship Trainee Stipends at $34,000 per year 

  • Graduate student health insurance

  • Full tuition and fees (6 to 9 credits/academic semester)

  • Expenses are covered for participation in the fish camp/village immersion experience

  • Expenses are covered for participation in Tamamta fall retreats